Leakh the wreckoming

Formerly known as COVEN, Sweden's LEAKH released their debut album "The Wreckoming" in 2000 and afterwards enthused the crowds of Punk and Gothic festivals our short-lived society, five years without a new album are a long time. LEAKH, however, live and always have lived according to their very own microcosm. LEAKH's music is emotional, eerily emotional.... LEAKH sound mad, ill, strange, disturbing, depressive, and aggressive. You can note the influences from the early days of Gothic music -- from the beginning of the eighties, when artists such as the Virgin Prunes or Play Dead paved new ways --, but also the early Industrial of the seventies and even Folk have left their traces in LEAKH's combine all of these diverse influences with their unique weird sounds to a wider picture defying each and every musical category. It's simply LEAKH...

Leakh The WreckomingLeakh The Wreckoming