New york city i'm doin' fine now - ain't it so

In The Rescuers ( 1977 ) and The Rescuers Down Under ( 1990 ), New York is the headquarters of the Rescue Aid Society , located within the walls of the United Nations .

Koch said he began his political career as "just a plain liberal", with positions including opposing the Vietnam War and marching in the South for civil rights. [14] In April 1973, Koch coined the term " Watergate Seven " when, in response to . Senator Lowell P. Weicker, Jr. 's indicating that one of the men in Watergate scandal had been ordered in the spring of 1972 to keep certain senators and representatives under surveillance, posted a sign on the door of his office saying, 'These premises were surveilled by the Watergate Seven. Watch yourself'. [15] At about this same time, Koch began his rightward shift towards being a "liberal with sanity" after reviewing the 1973 controversy around then-New York City Mayor John Lindsay 's attempt to place a 3,000-person housing project in the middle of a middle-class community in Forest Hills, Queens . Congressman Koch met with residents of the community, most of whom were against the proposal. He was convinced by their arguments, and spoke out against the plan, shocking some of his liberal allies. [16]

• Lucas Papademos - Preceded Samaras as Prime Minister of Greece. (As head of Central Bank of Greece he hid huge debts by using off-market swaps arranged by Goldman Sachs where Goldman Sachs made out like a bandit.)

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New York City I'm Doin' Fine Now - Ain't It SoNew York City I'm Doin' Fine Now - Ain't It SoNew York City I'm Doin' Fine Now - Ain't It SoNew York City I'm Doin' Fine Now - Ain't It So