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Aquemini begins with the introductory track "Hold On, Be Strong", which was written by session guitarist Donny Mathis and was originally a full song with verses, but the group preferred to only use the hook. [9] André 3000 played a kalimba on the song after purchasing the instrument at a flea market, drawing inspiration from Earth, Wind & Fire . [9] "Return of the G" addresses concerns from fans who felt that the group's style had changed too drastically since the release of Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik , as well as those who make poor decisions in order to keep their street credibility. [9] [19] When discussing the lyrical content of the song, André 3000 explained, "I was young and wilder and some of my fashion choices people didn't accept at the time. I started getting flak from some people, so they were like, 'Either he's gay or on drugs' ... 'Return of the Gangsta' was trying to give them a sense of, 'Hey, I'm still a regular person.'" [9] "Rosa Parks" contains blues -influenced guitar work and folksy harmonies that "announce OutKast's distinctive style of Southern boogie. The groove goes into overdrive during a clapping, foot-stomping breakdown funkified by a fierce harmonica as the kick drum pounds incessantly." [20]

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Armor Alley is a side-scrolling, real-time vehicle simulation / strategy game, originally released for the Mac and PC-DOS computers in 1990. This web-based remake is a tribute to the attention to detail shown in the original. Your goal is to defend a convoy as it moves into enemy territory; the game ends when a van reaches the opposing base. See the making-of for more.

Side 1: Trampled Underfoot (5:31)*/Gambler's Blues medley (12:50)* incl. I Can't Quit You Baby, Since I've Been Loving You
Side 2: Misty Mountain Hop (4:58)*/Rock And Roll (3:23)*/Kashmir (7:29)**
Side 3: Heartbreaker - Whole Lotta Love (7:26)**/Misty Mountain Hop (3:37)**/Stairway To Heaven (8:46)**
Side 4: Rock And Roll (3:54)***/Whole Lotta Love (4:21)***/Stairway To Heaven (9:04)***
Recording: Very good stereo except (*)Good mono. Soundboard except (***)professional TV broadcast. Source: (*)Robert Plant with a special guest of Jimmy Page live at Hammersmith Odeon, London, London Apr. 41 '88; (**)It's Only Rock And Roll, Atlantic 40th Birthday, Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York May 14 '88; (***)Live Aid, John F. Kennedy Stadium, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania July 13 '85. Comments: Australian bootleg. Deluxe color cover. Deluxe label.

Burzhuy & Ivan Demsoff feat. Ira Champion vs Rave Vegas & Calvo - New Year Alkotrash (DeeJay Dan Bootleg)   2

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