Casal tino casal emborrachate

MCA also issued the single in Germany , Australia , France , Ireland , Italy , Japan , New Zealand and South Africa .

Tino Casal died on 22 September 1991 in a car accident, aged 41. Casal was returning from a nightclub with three other people when, due to excessive speed, the driver of the Opel Corsa lost control of the car and crashed into a lamp post. Casal was sitting in the passenger seat and was the only fatality. Unsurprisingly, the news was a huge shock to the Spanish music industry. A year later, EMI paid a posthumous tribute to Casal, by re-releasing the compilation album. Etiqueta Negra . Other artists, such as Alaska , Marta Sánchez and Stravaganzza have since covered and sampled his songs.

Graphic artists like Ceesepe, El Hortelano , Montxo Algora , Agust, Pejo and Nazario Luque, and photographers like Ouka Leele , Miguel Trillo, Pablo Pérez Mínguez “PPM” or Alberto García-Alix together founded one of the first art collectives, called “Cascorro Factory”, where many of the seminal ideas for the “Movida” took place. Also, photographer Gorka de Duo accompanied artist Andy Warhol and had an exhibition with Robert Mapplethorpe in the Fernando Vijande gallery.

Casal Tino Casal EmborrachateCasal Tino Casal EmborrachateCasal Tino Casal EmborrachateCasal Tino Casal Emborrachate